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Game LocAIzation – About AI in Game Localization

his is how Midjourney imagines "artificial intelligence taking over the world in video game style"​.

If it’s the beginning of 2023, everybody and their uncle is talking AI. Is it worth the hype? Ewa Dacko shares her experiences with AI in game localization.

HALP: How to Address Localization Problems

Illustration generated by Midjourney AI

The number of different localization-related issues and challenges can be a real pain in the neck at times, but as you gain experience and learn the basics, the chaotic struggle against language transforms into an organized set of conscious actions aimed at reaching a specific goal. The first step towards reaching this goal is to learn about the challenges you may encounter. Bartłomiej Piątkiewicz presents three of the most common types of localization challenges so that you can better address them when they stand in your way.

I went to the Game Quality Forum and all I got was this lousy t-shirt*

Game Quality Forum 2022

Ewa Dacko shares her takeaways and insights from the Game Quality Forum 2022.

The challenge of video game localization: Why one does not simply walk into the loc industry

One does not simply walk into the loc industry

Bartłomiej Piątkiewicz explains why working in localization is not a piece of cake, and neither is acquiring the relevant knowledge.